Publishing Products

Health professionals increasingly need access to up-to-date, accurate, pertinent and truthful scientific documents and information to allow them to take the right decisions when faced with the demands of daily clinical practice.

Grupo SANED develops an extensive range of hard-copy and digital publishing products that help respond to the growing and changing needs of healthcare providers.


This is a flexible and practical document for managing different conditions and which collects the latest evidence. These types of works develop diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring algorithms and, more importantly, establish preventive activities designed to halt the appearance of a disease, developing quality indicators and ones concerning minimum compliance. The latter aspects are groundbreaking proprietary features of SEMERGEN.


An algorithm/protocol in medicine is a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem by drawing on general procedures that make it possible to solve similar situations without having to depend on individual initiative. Protocols make information faster to learn and easier to retain (memory) and enable enhanced compliance with recommendations.


Medical meetings and congresses have become an essential form of knowledge exchange in medicine today. The most accredited scientific journalists film the contributions of medical professionals at these events.


The medical advances of recent decades have brought with them an extensive enrichment of language, with a profusion of words, expressions and acronyms that are sometimes not very well known. Dictionaries are compiled with the goal of driving the understanding of these terms and finding an appropriate definition for all the terminology and concepts that comprise a particular area.


Documents made in different formats setting forth the leading recommendations to follow regarding a particular health concern which if followed will provide enhanced quality in disease management.


An atlas of medical pictures, photographs and illustrations is an extremely useful consultation tool presented in a way to facilitate speedy consultation of many of the questions presented in day-to-day clinical practice.

Multidisciplinary Notebooks

The comprehensive treatment of a number of diseases requires a multidisciplinary approach involving different medical specialists.

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