What we do

Continuous medical education; interpersonal, intrapersonal and management skills development; therapeutic updates; consensuses; clinical cases; patient records; a picture atlas; clinical studies, etc. are just some examples of the innumerable development possibilities in communication and training.

At Grupo SANED we know how to combine these tools, designing the right projects to deliver on your goals. An optimum blend of target, content and channels guarantees the greatest success.



From the product prelaunch phase, Grupo SANED engages in communication with the use of our channels targeted at different healthcare providers and the public at large.

We have a perfect understanding of the needs related to rational communication. We compile the documentation that powers access to health deciders, hospital pharmacies, primary care pharmacists and opinion leaders.



Beyond the realm of traditional advertising there’s a multitude of actions that aim to exponentially boost the outreach of your messages.

Combined off-line/online campaigns together with AdWords tools on the most powerful search engines and the use of news content, sponsored sections and more, are our keys to success.




Grupo SANED maintains close ties with Spanish and international scientific organisations, societies, professional associations and universities, providing us with the most reputable endorsements and best-known authors for compiling any type of scientific literature or training programme.

We also enjoy the support of numerous patients’ associations which advise us on drafting content for the general public.



Ongoing training continues to be a core tool in driving health group loyalty. The ongoing training we provide satisfies the needs of each group it is aimed at and creates links with the brand.

Grupo SANED’s close collaboration with prestigious professors, along with our agreements with universities, business schools and scientific societies, has enabled the creation of an accredited training offer that is highly valued by online, onsite or mixed course attendees.

In-depth knowledge

of ethical regulations and clinical research laws


Research into quality of life, comorbidity, patient empowerment and care quality are powerful tools for the creation of new scientific materials that enable a laboratory to shore up its image and provide a clinic with new information to improve the quality of clinical practice.

200,000 health professionals

signed up to our online training and information services


We enjoy top-rung proprietary communication potential which we use to maximise the outreach of your messages. More than 200,000 health managers and decision-makers, doctors, nurses and pharmacists have signed up to our online training and information services. And over one million readers log onto our health content for the general public. The most popular in the healthcare environment and health sphere are two acclaimed online platforms: “El Médico Interactivo” and “Aula de la Farmacia”.

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